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Myths And Truths About Frozen Chicken

  • 28 Sep 2021

We all come across frozen food once in a while. When food is frozen until the time it has to be used, it is called frozen food. You might have come across it many times while shopping for groceries in huge refrigerators. It is one of the best ways to keep your food from getting rotten, as it is frozen to such a temperature at which bacteria can’t attack it.


Frozen foods are a fine invention; it helps you store fresh food for a much longer time. Anyways, there always have been some myths about frozen foods which many people seem to believe in. That is the reason some people hesitate in buying frozen foods. But your doubts about frozen meats such as frozen chicken would be cleared today as you read this.


The Myths:-


Frozen Chicken is “More Processed”


Frozen food being more processed is one of the oldest myths that people believe to date. There used to be a time when extra preservatives were added to frozen foods to help them be long-lasting, but it’s 2021, and people are more health-conscious, so there is hardly any chance that frozen meat would be more processed.


Frozen Chicken is Not Fresh


People tend to think that since the primary purpose of buying frozen food is to be kept for a longer period, the chicken they might buy is not fresh. However, that is not the case. Chicken and meat are sold very quickly, no matter if they are frozen or regular. So there is the tiniest chance that the frozen chicken in UAE you might buy would not be fresh.


Frozen Chicken Cannot Refreeze After Thawing


This is something that many people believe. There are several ways of cooking frozen chicken, and one of the ways is to thaw it before it starts cooking. However, some people believe that it is not possible to re-freeze the chicken after thawing. Well, if that were the case, would it not defeat the entire purpose of having frozen chicken? The trick is to re-freeze the chicken within 2 hours of thawing to extend its usage time.


Frozen Chicken is Not Convenient


Many people believe that frozen chicken is expensive and requires a lot of upkeep. Yes, frozen meat is a little more expensive than fresh meat, and it may appear to be an investment at first. Still, it not only saves you money on repeating grocery store excursions, but it also gives you an excellent backup for whipping up something quick instead of ordering takeout.


Freezing Chicken Kills the Bacteria


It would have been simpler to prepare and store food if we could skip a few steps along the route, but that is not the case. Freezing the chicken does not immediately kill the microorganisms. Always read and follow the instructions for thawing, storing, and eating frozen chicken.


The Truths:-


Frozen Chicken is Sustainable


Frozen chicken is sustainable as it preserves your food, and you can use it sometime later as well. Something which is not possible when you use regular meat. The maximum storage time that regular meat might have would be only for a few days. But you can keep frozen meat for as long as a week.


Frozen Chicken Has The Same Nourishment Value as Regular Chicken


The nutritional difference between fresh and frozen chicken is minimal. Frozen chicken is nutritious since it is frozen quickly, retains all of its nutritional value, and maintains its freshness.


Frozen Chicken is Better Than Processed Chicken


Fresh meat that has been frozen is known as frozen meat. On the other hand, processed meat is loaded with preservatives and color to make it appear fresh. As a result, frozen meat is still preferable to processed meat.


Frozen Chicken Does Not Go Waste


Because they were not measured, it is easy to throw away fresh items when they deteriorate. However, meat that has been frozen is measured and can be used, then stored and used again.


The highest quality chicken is always ensured, and it is cleaned meticulously to deliver the most tender and clean slices to the consumers.


Many myths are followed whenever there is an advent of anything. However, it is up to us to provide you with the correct information and debunk them for you. We ensure that you get the finest quality of chicken and other meat in UAE because we like our customers to be satisfied.

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