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How Should You Buy Groceries?

  • 24 Dec 2021

Among many household chores, grocery shopping and management are most fret upon. Gone are those days when it was a women-centric spectrum; now, it is an inherent part of household management. Therefore, every individual, couple and family ponder the best way to maintain the supplies.  

While buying groceries and supplies is as easy as making a list of things and then buying them, hunting down the convenience store, one cannot decide how frequently one should buy them. 

Now, ever since online grocery websites have emerged, all the hardship of traveling and time spent for a physical store have been negated. Now, you just have to click and click, add your items to the cart, and pay. Then, your daily supplies will be delivered to your doorstep in a day or a few. Like Sidco Foods.

However, how often you buy your grocery online or not depends a lot on factors like:

Paycheck cycle

It is no surprise that people buy groceries at the beginning of the month, right after receiving their salary. Therefore, when one receives, their paycheque determines when they will be going shopping, whether at the end of the month or in the early week of the month.

Store availability

Suppose one prefers shopping from a particular store only like Carrefour. In that case, one will have to look for them in your locality and how often you can commute to the store. However, if you shop online, you need not worry about this. Online grocery stores in Dubai can serve across the state once you order online.

Work schedules

Going to the convenience store and completing your grocery list will demand both your energy and your time. Therefore you should be going for the grocery spree on a holiday so that you can shop well and prudent without facing a time crunch and under distress. With online grocery stores in Dubai coming up, you can place your order quickly and easily, at your convenience.


Nobody feels comfortable commuting frequently to a store far off. And therefore one tries to buy as much as they can so that they don't have to visit the store now and then, compromising their time and energy. However, online grocery websites solve this problem flawlessly. You don't have to travel anywhere, and your groceries arrive right on time at your doorstep irrespective of where you live. 

Tips for doing shopping for groceries effortless and efficient:-

(1) Creating a monthly grocery shopping list and a meal plan

Planning is the vital most key of effective shopping. Using a planner or calendar application for scheduling your shopping trip for every month is helpful and making a whole meal plan for all three or more meals you have ensures that you can have different things throughout the month and don't run out of things, let's say breakfast items or snack items. In this way, you have variety, and many nutrients enter your meal base. 

(2) Setting the budget for groceries

You must make a budget. Going shopping with an open budget only brings back an empty pocket. That's just how we humans are; we can get gluttonous often. So it is something you must do in advance to make your list and set the budget prudently. Although the budget might vary month to month, depending on consumption and fluctuation in the commodities'. But this is an aspect you will master with time once you understand your shopping traits and inclination and how much you spend on average. Another helpful tip for you is to keep your grocery receipt for at least six months so that you can observe the difference and reason for spending more or less. 

(3) Shopping with a clear mind and a full stomach

Your shopping cart speaks more about you than you realize. For example, suppose you are a foodie. In that case, your grocery cart will have a massive amount of food items, reflecting your dynamic taste. However, if you are a fitness freak, your cartwheel bears the weight of a lot of protein, nutrient supplements and carbless items. However, no matter what your inclinations are, shop with a clear mind and refrain from having an empty stomach so that you don't end up buying unnecessary things. Such impulsive buying will drain your budget drastically speedily. 

(4) Looking for the discount days at the store

Different stores have different discount policies to offer for the masses. For example, there are student discounts, one for the elderly and either monthly or quarterly. Then there are 'Black Friday' offers and no tax days where you don't have to pay extra service tax. If your grocery store offers such incentives, use them to your best because the more you save, the better. Right? Also, remember to look out for coupons or vouchers you win on buying particular products but purchase such products only if needed, because this incentive, however, can lead to unnecessary purchases too. While some stores like the farmer's market or the local convenience store might be a good choice for you, big box stores are economical in purchasing goods in bulk quantities. One great feature of online grocery stores is that they provide great cashback offers, vouchers, combinations and bundles of goods and discounts, so you can choose what you avail, depending on your order amount or mode of payment. 

(5) Be aware of the store's restocking schedule

Well, you don't want to shop when your store has fewer goods, and the shelves lack choices and products. Therefore, you must know the restocking schedule of your grocery store since they need time to clear out certain products before refilling the shelves. In addition to that, the supplies are fresh on the day of the restocking, and you should try to buy your groceries in the same week so that you don't end up buying comparatively stale products. 

That being said, shopping is all about planning and observation. And online grocery stores in Dubai make it easier and more fun for you. They offer diverse choices with varied pricing for different masses. Furthermore, effective planning, budgeting and thorough knowledge of your preferred grocery store will make your shopping experience easy, cost-effective, time-efficient, and you will master it as you go.

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