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Paneer Momos Green 200g(10pcs) (Dimsum)

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Country of Origin : United Arab Emirates

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Green momos or dim sum are steamed dumplings stuffed with a lightly spiced paneer and spices filling. A popular tibetan recipe and also a popular North Indian street food.

Ingredients Spinach (covering ), Paneer, Onion, Garlic , Flour, Salt and Pepper
Nutritional Information
Nutritional Information 03/11Calories in paneer momos One plate of steamed paneer momos can serve you easily 300 calories. A plate of fried paneer momos has somewhere around 1000-1100 calories.
Country of Origin
Country Of Origin United Arab Emirates
Brand Golden Fresh
Preparation & Usage
Preparation & Usage Ready To consumeCooking Instructions:
Remove the Momos from Packaging:
1) Grease a steamer plate or any other plate (it should easily fit into the steamer or a deep vessel) with oil to prevent them sticking.
2)Place the Momos on a plate spaced and alligned.
3)Place stand in the steamer and place momos plate over it. Momos should not touch the water. Cover the steamer/vessel with a lid and steam them for 6-7 minutes over medium flame or until they look little translucent and shiny. Remove the lid and check them by touching it. If they don’t feel sticky then it means they are cooked.
4) Transfer them to a serving plate. Serve hot Momos with Momos Chutney or Schezwan Sauce.
Storage Condition
Storage Condition Keep frozen Under-18°C.

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