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Perfect McDonald Like Thin And Crispy French Fries

  • 24 Dec 2021

I think we all agree that McDonald's fries are fantastic. At least they give everything that we expect out of french fries. At its best, it's salty, crispy, golden brown, light, and non-greasy or oily. And what is more astonishing is that every Mc'D counter serves the same wonder, irrespective of who is handling the outlet. Do you know how they do it? They have devised a sure shot, successful method for the french fries. So naturally, every store worldwide has to stick to that recipe, no matter their personal preference or beliefs. But, of course, they won't tell us their secret recipe. Still, if delved into the substance in hand by french fries suppliers in Dubai, a much-dedicated insight might get us the same results. So let us walk through the intricate anatomy of perfect McDonald french fries in Dubai, shall we? 

The intricate anatomy of french fries:-

Exterior: Extremely crisp but not tough 

It has been observed that parboiling the fries in a vinegar solution before frying slows down the breakdown of pectin in the potatoes, which yields tiny, bubbly, blistered surfaces to the fries that make them stay crisp even after they have cooled down. It also negates excess sugar that prevents the fries from over-browning. 

Interior: Intact, fluffy and robust potato flavor

A tip for a distinctly fluffy interior is freezing the fries before the second fry. It ensures that the insides of the fry don't turn pasty, mealy, gummy or moreover are missing altogether. 

Appeal: Even and light golden brown

Ensure that the fries are not too dark or spotty, giving an off-putting burnt-like flavor. Instead, they must be lightly golden and perfectly crisp and must remain crisp till the time it takes to eat one whole serving. This crispiness can be achieved by the "double fry" method. The fries are fried once at low temperature and then again at high temperature. 

Now that we are done with the anatomy of the standard french fries, let's try Mydibel Belgium Fries.

Cooking the perfect french fries never got more effortless than this. With Mydibel Belgium Fries, you get the freedom to choose the way you want to have your favourite fries. Each fry varies in length so that you can feast on a varied range of french fries. You can toss the classic fries, enjoy the fun of crinkle cut, satiate your hunger with quick microwave fries, experiment different dips with potato dippers, enjoy the delectable premium crunch or shoestring, go British with a steakhouse, or rever the traditional or chrono fries.

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