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How To Defrost Chicken Correctly?

  • 20 Nov 2021

The idea of a winner-winner chicken dinner can only be valid if your favorite meat is thawed well. Even though it is pretty simple, there are many wrong hacks adopted by people, which affect the freshness of the meat, taste of the dish, and even health. One of the many advantages of chicken is that it is easy to store, frost and make it last long for days together; it remains delectably fit to eat; however, thawing it requires a little more effort. And since there is an upsurge in the consumption of frozen chicken in the UAE, people need to know the proper process to treat the meat. The ways of defrosting chicken may vary as per the quantity and how much time you have before cooking it. 


Still, one must not let it defrost at room temperature, leaving it on the kitchen counter to thaw. Frozen chicken suppliers in UAE often tell how people thaw chicken wrong and how it detriments the quality of the meat and becomes conducive for bacterias to grow, which can also lead to food poisoning. To ensure that such damage does not happen, one must always store their chicken in a sealed, spill-proof transparent wrap to avoid cross-contamination with other food items in the fridge and defrost the chicken in this sealed packing only. It is essential to adopt the proper thawing chicken to maintain its nutrients, freshness, and suppleness. Does it seem hard? No worries, we tell you how your all-time easy-to-cook, tasty to-eat meat can be thawed well, in a safe manner, retaining all its characteristics and, more importantly, the taste. 


(1) Fridge method:-


The best way to defrost chicken is by moving it from the de-refrigerator to the refrigerator hours before cooking so that it thaws most naturally at the right temperature. However, this process takes time, and the more the quantity of the chicken, the more time it will take to defrost thoroughly. In addition, even some particular pieces of the meat defrost faster than others; for example, chicken breast thaws faster than a leg piece or whole chicken. 


(2) Coldwater method:-


Fill a bowl of size depending on the quantity of the chicken with cold water and let your chicken defrost in that. Remember to change the water every 30-40 minutes to ensure that the meat is only in cold water. This method defrosts an average size chicken in three hours. 


(3) Microwave method:-


This is the swiftest way to thaw your chicken; however, it must only be done for boneless chicken. Place your chicken in a microwave bowl and put your microwave in defrost mode for 2 mins, then let it be for 1 minute before you poke it to check the status. Then, continue defrosting it in the microwave similarly until it is thawed skin deep. 


The defrosting method depends on the storage method; hence, keep the following things in mind to ensure that the meat retains its freshness throughout its storage.


(4) Hot water is a strict no-no:-


Do not give your chicken a hot water bath to defrost it quickly; it only aggravates the deterioration rate of the meat. Only use cold water.


(5) Avoid refrigerating and defrosting the same meat frequently:-


Only defrost the amount of chicken that you are sure you will be cooking in one go. Do not defrost the meat through refrigeration and then again defrost it. Repeatedly defrosting and refrigerating the same piece of meat alters its quality. Also, once your chicken is thawed, do not refrigerate it again. 


It is rightly said that the steps involved before cooking are equally vital to cooking, and therefore applying these tricks. The right adoptive practices sure shot will maintain the freshness of your meat even if it is stored for days together. Happy cooking! 

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