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Amazing Facts About Mydibel French Fries

  • 13 Jan 2022

French fries can win the “World’s most favorite food” award any day. Anyday! The fried delectable delicacy is not limited to France. We do not have any human on record who has ever turned down a generous serving of crispy, golden devil. Devil? Yes, absolutely. Because even though we know it is full of fats, carbs and unhealthiness, you can not stop yourself from picking another fry and another and another because they are downright addictive. Can you name any other dish that can be a side dish and main snack, both with ease and still be loved and enjoyed in the whole wide world? 

The simple yet state-of-the-art in itself, french fries in Dubai can be enjoyed with several condiment combinations, anytime, be part of any meal, anywhere. Although many people do not know many things about this pure-fried bliss, one cannot stop gorging on it. 

(1) Multiple names:-

The French call their french fries ‘frites’ while in the UK, it is called ‘chips ’ and in the States, it is called french fries or still ‘fries’. Yes, nothing else is deemed as fries for them. It is only french fries, and it always will be. 

(2) French Fries are not French:-

Yes, that can be accounted as one of the biggest mysteries of the world of food. In all honesty, its origin is not clear since French, Spanish, and Belgians fight for the credit of inventing this masterpiece. The French say it was first sold by street hawkers in 1789, while the Spanish say that since they are the ones who brought potatoes to the New World from the Atlantic, they are the makers of this golden fried, oily delight. Adding to this stew, the Belgians claim that the French get undue credit for the french fries because of their closely proximate cultures. 

(3) Thomas Jefferson brought french fries to America:-

Yes, presidents can win hearts not just with their speeches but with their food preferences too. For example, the 3rd American President, when working as American Minister to France, came across the french fries and carried them back with him to his homeland and introduced it to the people. 

(4) The French fries museum:-

Whether Belgians are the makers of french fries is debatable. However, their passion for food isn’t. There is a museum dedicated to their love for the fry, called Frietmusuem. One can visit the museum and learn about the history of french fries, potatoes and know the secret recipe for the perfect golden crispy french fries. 

(5) Charles Dickens accounted french fries:-

A foodie in his time, Dickens wrote about the French fries in his books. Among many breakfast recipes, he also described french fries in his 1859 novel ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ as “husky chips of potato, fried with some reluctant drops of oil”.

(6) Belgium is seeking the UNESCO cultural heritage status of fries:-

Yes, coming back to the Belgians and how much french fries mean to them, they have not ceased to take the credit just by making a museum but also petitioned UNESCO to bestow french fries with ‘cultural heritage’ status and deem fries and mayo belonging to them. 

(7) 15 shades of French fries:-

There are more than 15 different variants of french fries enjoyed around the world. Standard, cottage, waffle, thick-cut, Belgian, curly, steak, shoestring, crinkle-cut, sweet potato, sidewinding, tornado, tots, wedges, Alphabets, Duchess smiley face. You can have it in different ways: more oil, more minor, different spicy dressings, mild sauces, cheese or mayo; french fries will not cease to soothe your taste buds. 

(8) French fry vending machines do exist:-

Now that proves that vending machines can sell almost anything since they can cook perfect fries, crispy and standard golden, and deliver them to you in minutes. This was piloted in 1982 in Australia, called Mr French Fry. Since then, this machine has made its way to China, the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia, and Israel. 

(9) French Fry was once a verb:-

Although french fry is a dish, it became a cooking method. Anything deep-fried in oil was french fried, like french-fried potatoes, french fried chicken, french fried onions etc. 

(10) The thicker the fries are cut, the lesser the fat content is:-

The thicker the potato is cut for the fries, the lesser the fat content since the fry’s edge is where most of the fat from frying gets stored. Inside, all that soft mushy interior is just starch. 

Why Choose Mydibel Fries?

So it is clear that even perfect french fries are perceptive. Different people from different parts of the world prefer their fries differently. However, Mydibel Fries can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere with anything. Golden, crisp, with assorted salts and spices, perfectly cut and dried to give a heavenly treat to your taste buds.

Because we believe that French fries are not just a food item or delicacy; it is joy, emotion, sentiment, culture, feeling, pride and love for people across the globe. That is why there are many interesting sides to this side dish. So go on, tantalize your tastebuds with this finger-licking language of love.

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